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13 SEER Video

Click on thumbnail for a video explanation about 13 SEER Air Conditioners.

coleman air conditioner
Coleman air conditioners

13 SEER Micro Channel Split System A/C Units - Smart Components - Advanced Technology

Advanced Technology - Superior Efficiency in Manufactured Home Heating & Air Conditioning

  • Micro Channel units are 40% smaller and 30% lighter
  • Use up to 50% less refrigerant than previous models
  • 13 SEER Efficiency meets all new Federal Mandates
  • Available in “ Quick-Connect ” or “ Sweat Fittings ”
  • 2 through 5 ton capacity air conditioner - furnace units
  • New advanced aluminum coil technology offers up to 7 times the corrosion resistance of conventional units

Coleman has combined state-of-the-art technology and superior product engineering to produce the industry benchmark in manufactured home HVAC equipment. At the heart of the Smart Component System is the new 13 SEER Micro Channel condensing units. The Advanced Technology in the unit results in a 40% smaller, 30% lighter central air conditioners and offers up to 7 times the corrosion resistance of conventional units. By requiring up to 50% less refrigerant than other units, these enviroment friendly units will save you some green as well.

Shipping an air conditioner or furnace from Indianapolis, IN can be more affordable than you think!

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