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13 SEER Video

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Coleman Self Contained Air Conditioning Systems

coleman air condiitions and furnaces
Model Number Tons of Cooling Dimensions Footprint
PAC024K13 2.0 TONS 44” X 30” X 24”
PAC030H13 2.5 TONS 44” X 30” X 24”
PAC036H13 3.0 TONS 46” X 32” X 28”
PAC042H13 3.5 TONS 46” X 32” X 28”
PAC048H13 4.0 TONS 57” X 32” X 32”
PAC060H13 5.0 TONS 57” X 32” X 32”
Coleman air conditioner self contained unit


13 SEER Packaged Air Conditioners are perfect for homes where the furnace is not set up to handle the additional load of a split system air conditioner. This is very common in homes in the southern most regions of the United States as well as older homes that have manufactured home furnaces that do not have the furnace blower or relay to handle a split system a/c unit. Although these units are easy to install, you should always check with your local municipality to determine what requirements are necessary to install your self contained packaged air conditioner.   Reasonable shipping from Indianapolis

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